The Library

MIM believes that any learning institution that does not have a Resource Centre is academically dead. No any student can efficiently succeed in the academic circle if he/she is not exposed to a good Resource Centre. At MIM we have a modern resource centre that will make you as students to excel in education and rise in status.

As a client, you are assured that MIM is the best choice for your studies as far as learning resources are concerned. You may wish to know why:

Our resource centre is fully stocked with new books necessary for the choice of your field.
Our library is user friendly as it has the catalogue that will help you to find the book you want within seconds. If you fail to trace the book, MIM’s dedicated library staff members are there ready to help you.
Once you become MIM’s library member, you are privileged to a free internet access.
Newspapers are made available for you to gain extra knowledge on current affairs.
You borrow a maximum of four books of your choice renewable every fourteen days depending on the demand for such books.
The library is spacious and well ventilated. This will prevent you from siesta as you are studying.
The library is situated in a noise-free environment.

Choose great success in your life by choosing MIM as your learning institution.

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