Consultancy & Advisory Services

Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) has responded to the increase and urgency for consultancies through additional investment in highly qualified and experienced consultants with capabilities required to win clients and provide value for money services. To this end, MIM has strengthened its Directorate of Consultancy and Advisory Services (DCAS). It has invested in executive leadership with superb management skills to provide consultancy and advisory services and guide clients through the difficult business and economic conditions.

DCAS is one of the core functional areas of MIM responsible for providing high quality and value for money consultancy and advisory services aimed at addressing managerial, strategic, programmatic and implementation challenges in the public sector, statutory bodies, private sector and other non-state actors. DCAS focus is on delivering consultancy and advisory services that respond to Malawi Growth and Development Strategies and the social Development Goals at both national and international levels. The consulting and advisory activities are undertaken in a professional manner with outputs passing all sets of quality assurance checks, business integrity and ethics ensuring respect for confidentiality.

The dedicated group of MIM specialists is equipped with unparalleled access to intellectual capital, original research, and relationships with top talent around the world. Since most of the team members are alumni of premier consulting and advisory services firm, MIM has repositioned itself to become the Centre of Excellence in the consultancy and advisory services. The team of consultants at MIM possess capabilities and knowledge concerning what is required to deliver business solutions as well as provide value-added services. As a renowned national and international consulting and advisory services institute that has long been focusing on management for public and private sectors as well as international organizations, MIM is thoroughly versed in management and leadership requirements as well as in consulting requirements.

The services provided by DCAS are geared towards meeting technical assistance needs of national and regional development projects and programmes of the public sector, parastatals, the private sector and non-state actors. In order to efficiently and effectively respond to needs of clients, DCAS has core centres that provide a package for premier solutions to existing and future challenges. These centres have been manned with consultants who have vast national and regional experience, professionalism, integrity and practical skills as well as expertise to problem solving. These centres include:

1. Assessment Centre:

The centre has been pivotal in assisting clients to find and secure top talent for their management and leadership positions including directors for their boards.